20 Creative DIY Ways To Display Plants and Flowers

20 Creative DIY Ways To Display Plants and Flowers

There are many different ways to grow ornamental plants. The essence of the case lies in the idea of place. For some, the best combination will be the combination of glass and wood, and the best combination will be the combination of materials that are the basis of plant cover. The following are different ways to distribute. Often clue matters is coloring. Otherwise it is a simplicity of performance or apparent complexity, being a combination of several materials.\

1. Baby Food Jar Vases

Baby Food Jar Vases

Hanging pots of jars on a piece of treated board. Who will fall for such a simple and brilliant idea? Yet beauty is expressed in this simple way, making its place in the area much more beautiful. Just a little bit of invention and ready! More

2. DIY Plants in Boots

DIY Plants in Boots

Polka dot boots for flowers. The idea is good for both indoor and outdoor plantersMore

3. Turn a Chandelier Into a Planter

Turn a Chandelier Into a Planter

This is an elegant garden project. A chandelier flowerbed, which illuminates everything that is going on underneath it. Simple in design, even simpler in reception – just elegant. More

4. DIY Glass Bottle & Wood Vase

DIY Glass Bottle & Wood Vase

By using different bottles and pieces of wood you can get it. Perfectly decorates the table, gives a unique atmosphere. It can take under an hour to do the entire thing! More

5. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar Herb Garden

A few jars, a piece of work board and metal rims to fix. That’s all. We get a beautiful decoration for every pantry, kitchen or even a living room. The kit is simple to carry and extremely useful. More

6. Neon Dipped Pots

Neon Dipped Pots

Just a few simple elements and so much joy. Plants in excellent setting. Everything would suit your favorite angle accordingly. More

7. Lightbulb Vase

 Lightbulb Vase

DIY for you that will brighten up your home decor or workspace. Requires working with glass. Bright and beautiful one. More

8. Cement Block Planters

Cement Block Planters

Concrete blocks, which got me thinking about all sorts of possible uses. Basalite blocks connote low design–if any. They function as sculpture, especially when stacked randomly. Source

8. House-Shaped Clay Pots

House-Shaped Clay Pots

These handmade clay pots are the perfect vessel to house. It needs only few tools. Looks great. Exceptionally simple in execution. More

9. Tire Swing Succulent Planter

Tire Swing Succulent Planter

Recycled tire planters charming. Here’s how a normal tire becomes useful. Just a few treatments and we get beautiful art.

10. Floating Window Shelves

Floating Window Shelves

This solution make window beautiful, plants clean the air, and they can even improve your mood. What is more, add a lot more color and greenery into life. Provide lots of direct light. More

11. Palm Tree Scoop with Succulents

Palm Tree Scoop with Succulents

Dried palm fragments in a centerpiece project. Ideas to do something that would hang vertically from the wall. Look great in a garden room or on a front door. More

12. DIY Macrame Hanging Plant

DIY Macrame Hanging Plant

A fun retro-inspired macrame project! Simple way for you to bring that retro flavor to your home! Easy way to bring life to any space. More

13. Fishbowl Hanging Planter

Fishbowl Hanging Planter

Made with plastic fish bowls! Those types of plants stuck on the ground, so when they are floating in midair, it’s like! Effective way to make a group of hanging planters. More

14. Floating Window Planter

Floating Window Planter

Cheerful windowsill herb garden made with a PVC pipe. Idea to make a hanging herb planter. It worked out perfectly! More

15. Embroidery Hoop Air Plants

Embroidery Hoop Air Plants

Suspended air plants hung with embroidery hoops. It’s nothing crazy, but it felt good. Perfect to get more beauty. More

16. A Cactus Rope Planter.

A Cactus Rope Planter

Cactus in a great setting. Hanging plant looks great. Little work and great satisfaction! More

17. Rope Pot Plant Display

Rope Pot Plant Display

It is going to help you solve your indoor plant display problems.So all you need is some rope and a needle and thread. This is work at a table. More

18. Mini Tiered Plant Stand

Mini Tiered Plant Stand

Beautiful way to decorate your front Porch. Just the soothing touch of blooming plants. You build it from boards. More

19. Mini Magic Garden

Mini Magic Garden

It involves variations according to your kids imagination. Just plant a few seeds and encourage your kids to check their progress. It’ll be a growth experience for everyone. More

20. Indoor Glass Case Planter

Indoor Glass Case Planter

All it takes is a glass container, some fern plants and fertilized soil and TA-DA. It’s not the hardest thing to assemble. Can be easily replicated for next to nothing. More

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